★★★★★ Full Feed Sparse RSS Pro 2.2.8

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Free Full Text RSS Feed News Reader. Give it a try and see for fall in love.

Full Text RSS Feed Reader:


Give Sparse RSS Pro a try, every app is free to try on Android, now see for yourself what this App can do.


*Android Full Text Display RSS News Reader
*Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, G+ and more...)
*Interactive widget and User-friendly UI
*Data storage or Backup on SD-card
*Automated feed recognition and feed sorting
*Multi language support(en, nl, ja, es, fr, tr, de)
*Optional local picture storage
*Periodic automated update of all feeds with optional notifications
*Social Media Sharing
*OPML im- and export
*proxy support
*easy to use

SparseRSS Full Text RSS Feeds Android News Reader is an advance and user friendly application that enables you to extract the full content you desire from an RSS feed or a static webpage without all the unnecessary content from the original web page , no matter if paywall or not, this allow you to also read content behind paywalls for free on the go on Android smartphones as well as tablets, but keep in mind, we take no responsability for the use of the app to read content behind Paywalls for FREE, you should consider paying for the news. Appealing to Android Smartphones and tablets users of all purposes, Sparse RSS is for the Android platform, more than what RSSbandit is for Personal computers, Vienna-rss is for Macs powerbooks and RSSowl for Linux OS powered computers. The ability of Sparse RSS Pro to extract the key information and remove all the mumbo jumbo and Ads is a great asset, and journalist, news junkies, womens , mens, kids , teenagers, bloggers, business people, NewsRob users, gReader users, RSS WidgetBoards users, my6sense users, NetaShare users, NewsRoom users, Sparse RSS reader users, Arabic RSS Pro users, Pulse News users, Ultimate RSS Feeds Searcher users, mobee rss users, RssDemon users, Mobileburn.com RSS users, Taiwan pass rss reader users, EasyRSS Pro users, AndroidPIT.com RSS users, Wimbledon Tennis Feeds RSS users, News-Celeb blog RSS reader users, Liberty News - RSS Reader users, CNN RSS News users, Open RSS Reader users, Firstdroid Rss users, AndRead rss users, AndroidAndMe rss reader users, Dealnews Rss Reader users, Hackernews app users, everybody, can take advantage of our full text rss feed reader, the only Android App of its Kind..... Give it a try, every App is free to try in the Android market.

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